Athlete Testimonies:

Matt Holliday and Todd Helton

The Colorado Rockies surprised America by winning the National League Championship in 2007, taking them to the threshold of the World Series. Right in the center the notoriety and success were Matt Holliday and Todd Helton who became role models to many, not only because of their impressive stats, of which they certainly could boast, but largely because of their decency on and off the baseball diamond.

Holliday and Helton actually don't boast about personal accomplishments. Instead, they focus on their personal relationships with the Lord. They humbly acknowledge that God is using them where they are. "If I...prepare my heart for a chance to share with others, God will use me," says Holliday. Helton, who in recent years recommitted his life to Christ, strives to lean on Him. He admits that though athletes "still have the same problems that everybody else helps."

The two baseball stars don't like to overplay their faith and never claim their success comes because they're Christians. They do believe, however, that God has placed them on a strong team with rare and special camaraderie. They simply rely on that support and desire to live lives that set an example of integrity for others.

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