Athlete Testimonies:

Michael Redd

After winning a gold medal in the FIBA Americas tournament with Team USA, Michael Redd was certainly in the perfect place-Las Vegas- to indulge in the party scene. So what was Redd, an All-Star guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, doing to celebrate? "I'm up in my room playing some dominoes, beating up my man Rick Davis," Redd said with a chuckle.

Redd has been at the forefront of Bible studies, preaching the gospel, sharing his testimony, and leading others to Jesus. Redd says it was an honor to join Team USA, but he wasn't there for hoops alone. He says it gave him a greater stage for sharing the gospel not only to the NBA's top players but also to the world at large.

When Redd first played in the NBA with the Bucks in 2000, the temptations of the NBA lifestyle revealed themselves. "Going and bumping my head a couple times really made me understand this wasn't me, and I needed to do the things God wanted me to do," Redd says.

Redd hopes his Milwaukee Bucks team will continue to improve and contend for a championship. Besides, if a title comes, it'll give Redd one more stage on which to carry out his purpose.

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