Athlete Testimonies:

Mike Fisher

To talk about Mike Fisher is to talk about a man who has his life in perspective. Fisher comes from a large, close-knit family full of love and support. His parents provided a nurturing home where he learned what it meant to be a Christian and live a Godly life.

Fisher's love for hockey is in his blood. He played growing up and knew he wanted to make it to the NHL. But he's definitely seen his share of disappointment as a young athlete. His cousin and spiritual mentor, Warren Robinson, best states what sets Fisher apart. "Mike goes to [God] when the pressures of being a professional athlete get tough." His first priority is God, then family. Everything falls into place after that.

Fisher's faith is strong enough to keep his spirits up even at the hardest moments, like when his team, the Ottawa Senators, lost the fight for the Stanley Cup in 2007. He admits that it was faith that reminded him that the Cup was not the most important thing in life. And though he will surely still pursue the dream of winning that famed prize, he will continue to pursue his relationship with God even more.

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