Athlete Testimonies:

Mike Minter

Mike Minter is no Michael Jackson. At a birthday party the Carolina Panther threw for his wife 2 years ago, this fact was made very clear as an attempt to sing and dance to 'Beat It' was not too successful. "I'm the first black man without any rhythm," he says.

You want rhythm and soul? Check out Minter on the football field. He is the Panther's King of Pop, dishing out hard hits to claim many of the franchise's all-time defensive records. However, Minter's NFL legacy extends far beyond the roaring crowds of Sunday stadiums because he has a heart to serve the Lord. After an injury in college at Nebraska and his first taste of parenthood Minter reached out to God. "I knelt beside my bed and said, 'Lord, I don't know what to say to you, but I do know I need you in my life.'"

Minter is known for helping out others. For example, Minter and several teammates started the Ruckus House Learning Center, a unique child-care concept that blends academics, athletics, and Christian principles.

Minter is set to retire after this season. He desires to focus on ministry, with no NFL distractions. Now that's something to dance about, Mike Minter-style.

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