Athlete Testimonies:

Mike Sweeny

"I'm not playing for the name on my back," says Mike Sweeney. "I'm playing for the name of Jesus Christ and I want to bring honor to His name." However, that wasn't always Sweeney's priority. The ups and downs of his baseball career have brought him a long way. At a particularly low point, Sweeney had to undergo an attitude adjustment.

After much self-examination, the young star became aware that he was doing most of the pedaling on his spiritual tandem bicycle. "I just realized that there were areas of my life and career where I was on the front seat of the bike and Jesus was on the back seat," he says, "and I was saying, 'I'm steering-just ride the bike with me, Jesus.' Right before the 1999 season I came to the realization that I needed Jesus on the front, and my job in life was not to worry about where I was going but to pedal as hard as I could. And with that, I had a lot of freedom."

Since that point, Sweeney has allowed that mindset to permeate his entire life. He pedals as hard as he can, trusting God to decide where they're going.

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