Athlete Testimonies:

Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy is hard to find on a map or even in your car as you drive along US Highway 58 in southwestern Virginia. However, collegiate basketball coaches from all over the country know very well how to find Oak Hill.

In the past 14 years, the Oak Hill men's basketball program has captured six mythical national high school championships, and some of its basketball alumni include Dallas Maverick Jerry Stackhouse and all-NBA standout Carmelo Anthony.

Oak Hill provides a structure that is strongly tied to Christian morals and discipline. This includes mandatory morning chapel and church on Sundays. "We are careful not to manipulate our kids. Yes, they need Christ and they hear Christ daily and weekly. Our ministry is planting seeds," President Dr. Michael Groves says.

The school gives its basketball players a chance to improve academically, while also providing them with stiff competition. Head coach Steve Smith says some of his most treasured phone calls are from former players crediting him and Oak Hill for changes made in their spiritual life. "That's Oak Hill," he notes. "We don't try to change everyone, but we do try to show them, through the people who work here, what is a better way of life."

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