Athlete Testimonies:

Rich DeVos

Rich DeVos, owner of the Orlando Magic, is more than just a garden-variety billionaire. His heartbeat is to influence the world for God, and it's this core value that drives his vision of pro sports ownership.

"Rich's Christian faith influences every part of his life," says Pat Williams, senior vice president of the Magic. "All of his judgments come from that centerpiece."

One such judgment was his purchase, in 1991, of a fledgling NBA franchise in Central Florida. "We [DeVos and his family members, under the umbrella of RDV Sports] bought the team because we wanted a new audience to witness to," DeVos says. "[Owning an NBA team] gave us a new base for telling people about Christ."

If he's fearless about sharing his faith, DeVos is also bold in giving what he calls "fatherly talks" to his players about their lifestyles. A pet issue for DeVos is the athletes who share homes and children with their girlfriends. "I say, 'When are you getting married?' or 'You grew up without a dad-don't leave your kids the same way.'"

It's evidence that DeVos' beliefs are infusing the Magic.

"Rich's life values-honesty, integrity, positive influence-are all hallmarks of a Christian organization," Williams says.

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