Athlete Testimonies:

Ruth Riley

On April 2, 2001, Ruth Riley and her teammates at Notre Dame inspired a nation with their selfless play as they captured the school's first NCAA women's basketball national championship. From a wonderful college career, Riley moved on to the WNBA, including a season playing in Valencia, Spain. Her basketball success was foreshadowed at a young age, especially since she has been tall all her life, and she certainly has lived up to expectations.

Riley admits that she's always professed to have her priorities in order: faith, family, school-basketball. She credits her mother for taking her to church while she was growing up, and she just always believed what she was taught there. But she confesses that words didn't always match up with actions. "It was at college where my relationship with the Lord began to grow," she says. "When you are on your own and forced to make decisions for yourself-your faith and beliefs are tested."

Riley's relationship with Christ has been her foundation through many changes and ups and downs in her basketball career. "Basketball has provided me with a platform, which means my life is under constant scrutiny," she acknowledges. Her goal is to consistently follow God and to point others to Him.

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