Athlete Testimonies:

Sam Hornish Jr

From the little town of Defiance, Ohio, comes a big name in the world of racing: Sam Hornish, Jr. Like Defiance, Hornish is soft-spoken and reserved. But more importantly, Hornish characterizes a real genuine spirit born from his securely planted faith in Jesus Christ. This keeps him grounded in a racing world where he has, at times, consistently found himself near or at the top.

Even from the victory circle after winning the Indianapolis 500 in 2006, Hornish was still the same guy, deeply rooted in his small-town mentality. It is in that hometown where Hornish not only first developed his love for his, but also his relationship with his Savior. Hornish still attends the same church he's gone to his entire life, Poplar Ridge Church of the Brethren. Glen Whisler, the retired pastor there, has been impressed with Hornish's ability to allow his faith to shine. It affects even his driving style-aggressive, but not cheap. "That's a good testimony," says Whisler.

Hornish has a bright future in racing, but his future in the Lord is even brighter. "I feel like I've been very blessed," he says, "and there's no reason why I shouldn't continue to move forward with...Him."

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