Athlete Testimonies:

Shanna Crossley

Two women of God beginning their careers in the WNBA, Shanna Crossley and Sidney Spencer may be opponents in the sport of basketball, but they are close friends off the court. They built their friendship while playing college ball for the University of Tennessee. Now, Shanna's loyalty lies with the San Antonio Silver Stars, while Sidney's devotion is to the Los Angeles Sparks.

Both women have been through enough personal struggles to realize that their fulfillment is not found in basketball or in success, but rather in a real relationship with Jesus Christ. These hardships were when the two athletes encouraged each other most and truly drew close to the Lord.

After developing teamwork in the game, Crossley and Spencer are now teammates in faith, drawing upon one another's strengths to work in missions, give testimonies, and work camps. Their bond is an example to their teams and to fans of the strength God gives through Christian friendships. Shanna believes that the only reason God has given them the opportunity and talent to play professionally is to "reach people that others can't reach." And that is just what both of them are doing-using basketball to glorify God.

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