Athlete Testimonies:

Siew-Ai Lim

She needed some time to be alone, the sports psychologist told her. And Siew-Ai Lim couldn't help but smile. "I remember thinking, That sounds familiar. That sounds like having a 'quiet time.' " Funny, the things God uses to get our attention. Quiet time. Such a basic thing that the golfer at the University of South Carolina wondered how she could forget.

And she was miserable.

"When you start to get full of yourself, you start to put God on the back burner, and that's what happened my senior year," Lim says.

Eight years later, the 30-year-old Lim is coming off her best season on the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) Tour. But make no mistake. The lesson of her senior year of college has not been forgotten: Golf is not the center of Lim's life. "Golf is not my life. That's for sure," she says. "And I think knowing there is a whole lot more to my life than golf is a very stabilizing thing."

Lim knows better than to assume she knows where her life is going to take her. That, Lim learned, is left up to God. She just makes sure she doesn't miss the daily appointment with Him.

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