Athlete Testimonies:

So Taguchi

So Taguchi knew to differences in language, foods, and customs in the United States. When he left his homeland of Japan, crossing oceans to chase a dream of American baseball, however, religion was not on his mind. There is much less religious influence in Japan than the US, so when Taguchi and his wife Emiko arrived in the country, seeing people going to church was a big change. Still, this did not make either of them less receptive to the person or message of Jesus.

Taguchi's story of coming to America becomes his story of coming to Christ. Of this experience he says, "I felt it in my heart. I know real." God put the desire in his heart to play in the American major leagues; as a result, Taguchi met a Savior. He also excelled in baseball, inspired by the success of Hideo Nomo and Ichiro Suzuki, players native to Japan who found fame in America.

Now he can be found with a smile on his face, whether enjoying camaraderie with teammates, posing for pictures, or signing autographs. "Christian thinking really helps me," he says. "I like being able to [pray] to Jesus." A reason to smile even wider.

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