Athlete Testimonies:

Stevie Waltrip

Life is different now for Stevie Waltrip. Now that her husband, three-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion Darrell, is out of a full-time ride in a stock car, her family no longer has to travel four out of seven days for 36 weeks every year. But one thing hasn't changed for Stevie: Her mission of telling as many people about the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ as possible.

It wasn't until the early 1980s that Stevie began to pursue a deeper relationship with God. She began attending Bible Study Fellowship classes, and she had the opportunity to study God's Word in depth. Out of that desire to study God's Word and to provide a sense of unity and community was born an organization called Motor Racing Outreach (MRO). Darrell and Stevie, who were founding partners in the organization, serve as chairpersons of the MRO Board of Directors. MRO is committed to introducing racing communities to a personal faith in Christ and growth in that faith.

Despite her insistence that life is different now, Stevie is certain her work for the Lord is not over. "I believe the Lord wants us to retire from what we do now, but not in our service to Him."

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