Athlete Testimonies:

Sylvester Croom

Sylvester Croom grew up 5 minutes and one long cultural bridge from the University of Alabama. Just 5 years after going to his first integrated school, Croom crossed that bridge to become one of the first black men to play at Alabama. Now Croom has gone from crossing the bridge to being the bridge. He is the first black head football coach in the SEC.

Croom's destiny was surely this: A powerful position of cultural influence in a state undergoing slow-but-radical change, all in the name of Christ. What better position to continue advancing change from than head football coach at a major university.

He is well-trained. Forget the football resume, though it's plenty good (28 years coaching in the NFL, former All-America offensive lineman). The character resume is what tells you that Croom has what it takes. He openly proclaims Christ as Lord of his life: "Christ is my guard, my guide, and my comfort as I travel life's journey." Also, he has followed advice from his father well. "Do the right things, put your faith in God, and things will change," his father said. He has been doing things right and putting his faith in God. And things are changing.

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