Athlete Testimonies:

Tamika Catchings

Ironically, it was injuries that got WNBA star Tamika Catchings back on track not only physically but also spiritually. After two knee injuries in a matter of half a year, Catchings looked to God for answers. "So after all that happened, I was like 'Okay, Lord, I've torn everything that I can possibly tear in my knee. What do you want me to do now?' It seemed to be God's way of telling me to slow down and take things a little easier."

Catchings is a role model off the court, as well as a strong leader on the court. "The other day, a lady e-mailed me and said that she wanted to send her daughter to one of my basketball camps," Catchings says. "She said that she wanted to thank me for being so upfront about my relationship with Christ." Her on the court performance isn't too shabby either as she is the fastest player in WNBA history to reach 2,000 points, grab 1,000 rebounds, dish out 400 assists, and make 300 steals.

So while the injuries hurt at the time, Catchings appreciates what the experience taught her. "They (the injuries) helped me to refocus on the Lord and get my priorities right."

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