Athlete Testimonies:

Tommy Maddox

There can be little doubt that Tommy Maddox has taken an unusual pathway to Pittsburgh.

After all, how many NFL quarterbacks have a three-year stint running an insurance company on their resume-before becoming a starter?

Maddox's ability to fire footballs took him on a circuitous ride from Denver to the Los Angeles Rams to the New York Giants to the New Jersey Red Dogs to the Los Angeles Express to (finally and surprisingly) the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That excursion has been an educational journey that has humbled Tommy Maddox. He's no longer the brash college kid who thought he could take the NFL by storm. He recognizes now that "God had to pull things away" from him to get his attention. As a result, he now says, "I've gotten better at letting God control my life."

The gunslinger's wild ride has taught him some important lessons-but mostly about keeping focus on eternal values. He tells anyone who will listen that "God has promised us so much more than what's on this earth."

That promise will sustain Tommy Maddox, whether he ends up selling insurance again or winning the Super Bowl.

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