Athlete Testimonies:

Torii Hunter

At approximately 7:25 p.m. on July 9, 2002, Torii Hunter left the ground with an exuberant leap. Up until that moment, Hunter was well-regarded by knowledgeable baseball buffs and a fan favorite of the Minnesota Twins. But in the greater baseball universe, he was largely unknown. When Hunter landed, after hanging gracefully in the air for a flash of time to catch a ball hit by Barry Bonds, his life changed.

This was the beginning of attention he had not been accustomed to. It started with a playful attack from Bonds himself that literally swept Hunter off his feet. From that point on, his name became more common.

Hunter used this opportunity to speak to people, especially students, about Christ and making wise choices in life. He grew up in the church and was baptized his senior year in high school. Though Hunter admittedly has moments where he makes the wrong choices (like when his temper gets the best of him), he immediately makes the wrongs right and prays for forgiveness.

His fiery spirit is the same in matters of faith as it is on the baseball field. God has gifted Hunter, and he is using his place in life to be an example.

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