Athlete Testimonies:

Trey Hillman

The new manager of the Kansas City Royals is Trey Hillman. That's Trey Hillman. "I'm a no-name," he says. "I've never managed in the major leagues in the United States." After 19 years in a variety of managing positions, Hillman finally reached the major leagues. "I had to manage 'A' ball for 8 years before I got promoted to Double A," he says, "and I believe that everything I went through is coming full circle. I believe I'll go through more. I believe that's part of God's plan for me."

Although Hillman is a no-name, he has been a very successful manager. In Japan, he led the downtrodden Hokkaido Nippon Ham franchise, which had gone 25 years without a pennant, to victory in the 2006 Japan Series.

Now that Hillman is a manager in the major leagues, he is not going to take lightly a promise he made many years ago. "I made God a promise a long time ago, and that promise was this: 'Give me an opportunity with a platform in professional baseball, and I will never be hesitant; I will not be shy about professing my faith.'"

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