Athlete Testimonies:

Trot Nixon

September 11 holds special meaning for Trot Nixon.

"September 11 will always be a special day," says the right fielder of the Boston Red Sox. "I wanted to be a firefighter, a policeman, or in the armed forces growing up. They protect the very ground we walk on. I have great respect for them and let them know they are the real heroes."

Boston Red Sox fans appreciate that kind of player. Nixon shows up every day with lunch pail in hand.

And playing the baseball hero role, he nearly willed his team into the World Series in 2003.

Last fall the Red Sox made it to Game 7 of the American League Championship Series in part because of a rare playoff walk-off home run off Nixon's bat in the Divisional Series.

It was after Nixon's key home run that he launched another key hit. In front of a national TV audience he boldly proclaimed his allegiance to Jesus Christ.

It is easy to see why Nixon is a popular player in Boston. What's not to like? He's intense and passionate about the game, a leader in the clubhouse and a player who brings his lunch pail mentality to work every day.

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