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2014 Pro Book

2014 Pro Book

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The Pro Book is a great tool for outreach, sports ministries, youth ministries, and Bible studies. It also makes a great gift for business associates, family and friends!

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Spring 2014 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]


Winter 2014 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Fall 2013 Cover

Fall 2013 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Featuring Tony Romo!

Summer 2013 Cover

Summer 2013 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Featuring R.A. Dickey!

When Coaches Pray

When Coaches Pray [$12.95]

A Guide for Every Minute of the Game of Life

A sports devotional written by Charlotte D. Smith, a former All-American and two-time All-ACC player who made the game-winning shot in the 1994 NCAA Championship that gave North Carolina its first and only title. Smith, who won an ESPN ESPY for Best Female College Basketball Player in 1995, also starred in the ABL and WNBA for 10 years and was an assistant coach at North Carolina for 9 seasons before taking the head women’s basketball coaching position in 2011 at Elon University, an NCAA Division I school in North Carolina.

"I love to do Bible study on the road with my team," says Smith. "I just started accumulating a lot of writings, and just in my career as a coach, I really started to see the need for coaches to be empowered and coaches to be reminded of why we coach."

Smith, who knows the struggles of players, coaches and people in general, shares stories on and off the court in a devotional format that will help coaches grow in their walk with Christ and also give coaches material to share with their team to help them grow, as well.

All books on the Sports Spectrum Store have been autographed by Charlotte.

The Jersey Effect

The Jersey Effect [$12.00 + free shipping]

Hunter Smith, twelve-year NFL punter and Super Bowl XLI Champion, partners with Darrin Gray of All-Pro Dad, a national fatherhood program, and Stephen Copeland of Sports Spectrum, to write The Jersey Effect. Seeking to help athletes, parents, and coaches gain a proper perspective on sports, they use real-life examples and biblical principles to address negative cultural trends and illuminate the truth and lies in athletics.

Fame and fortune can hijack even the most well-intentioned players, feeding them subtle lies that football is a god.

Intended for players, coaches, and parents that want to learn and in turn teach important lessons about how to properly align their love of sports with God’s heart, The Jersey Effect advocates for a full 360 degrees of influence: coach on player, player on coach, player on parents, parents on player, and team on community. The Jersey Effectdemonstrates how to pursue the ultimate prize—a goal that has little to do with winning a championship ring and everything to do with how we can have a positive effect on those around us through the sports we love. To learn more, check out

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2013 Pro Book Featuring Tony Romo

This year's Pro Book, a supplement of Sports Spectrum Magazine, has all the information you need to keep you on schedule for the upcoming season. Pro Book includes a full season schedule of every NFL team, the story and testimony of NFL star Tony Romo, and a clear gospel message.

The Pro Book is a great tool for outreach, sports ministries, youth ministries, and Bible studies. It also makes a great gift for business associates, family and friends!

10-50: $1.75
51-120: $1.60 Each
121-200: $1.50 Each
201-300: $1.25 Each
301-500: $1.05 Each
501-1000: $0.95 Each
1001 and up: $0.85 each
(Minimum 10)

Silver Anniversary Edition: Celebrating 25 Years of Sports & Faith [$25.00]

An inspiring book that tells the faith stories of the most prominent Christian sports figures who have appeared in the pages of Sports Spectrum magazine the last 25 years. Called by some the Christian Sports Illustrated because of its design and quality, Sports Spectrum has interviewed the superstars in the Big Four (NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA and NHL) as well as stars in speedskating, surfing, skateboarding, rodeo, bull riding, and other sports.

Like the magazine, these stories will inspire you in your faith or cause you to examine your life to see if Christ is a part of it.

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Power To Win DVD


Race Day: Power To Win-Racing

PTW-Racing DVD [$39.95 each]

Racing With Kyle Petty: The DVD features NASCAR phenomenon Kyle Petty in a high impact, 20-minute presentation sharing an explanation of the plan of salvation.

*Also available (from Group Publishing), The Driving Force:

The Driving Force: Study Guide: If you've struggled to find men's Bible studies that men will actually do -- here's your solution. These six 1-hour Bible studies explore lessons from NASCAR legend Kyle Petty learned the hard way -- in more than 880 races on unforgiving racetracks.

The Driving Force: Leader Pack: Honest, man-to-man interviews bring Kyle Petty straight into men's meetings as he tells his own story -- in his own words. The Leader Pack combines The Driving Force book with a 15 minute DVD in the back. Each Bible study session references the time code on the video that speaks to that week's topic. A great way to enhance your study!

Single Issues

Spring 2012 Cover

Spring 2012 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Featuring Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow!

Winter 2012 Cover

Winter 2012 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Featuring London Fletcher, Jeff Saturday, Bubba Watson, and many more!

Spring 2011 Cover

Fall 2011 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Featuring Jordy Nelson, Jason Witten, Adrian Gonzalez, Maya Moore, and many more!

Spring 2011 Cover

Summer 2011 Sports Spectrum (Single Issue) [$6.95]

Featuring Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman and many more!


Wisdom and Sports

Wisdom And Sports [$14.95]

Sports Devotionals and Sports Stories Based on the Book of Proverbs

Verses from all 31 chapters of Proverbs are paired with spiritually encouraging stories of well-known athletes and thought-provoking devotionals. You will be inspired as you read each page of this book written by Robert B. Walker.

Living The Thankful Life

Living The Thankful Life [$17.95]

Living the Thankful Life includes 29 short stories about things for which Robert is thankful. It also includes an area to write your own stories of thanks, which enables you to make it a legacy book for you, your family and others concerning living a thankful life.

Drive Thru Success

Drive Thru Success [$14.95]

A new release from SS Publishing! Written by Robert Walker, Drive Thru Success is a short guide to achieving success in any avenue of life. It is a short read and a great book for anyone of any age who is searching to achieve success in spiritual maturity, business, athletics and life; If so, this is the book for you!

Life Points

Life Points: 25 Directives That Will Change the Way You Live

By Dr. Steven A. Jirgal


Whether you're a businessperson, parent, student, or athlete, life can be confusing. If you don't have the information you want, it can be frustrating. But if you don't have the direction you need, it can be devastating. Life Points has been written to add the directives needed to set your life on a course of success. Among other things, by implementing the individual directives, you'll learn the importance of: Surrounding yourself with the right people; that personal freedom comes from personal discipline; choosing your battles; living a balanced life; taking chances ... and so much more. By systematically following the book's directives, you will have the motivation, information, and plans to accomplish so much more in your life. Life Points will give you the foundation you need to launch your life in a direction that will be fulfilling, exciting, and successful.

All the Good in Sports [$12.99]

.. features 20 contemporary sports personalities who go beyond the headlines to candidly share how their relationship with Christ has helped them cope with a variety of difficulties, both professional and personal, and how in Christ they found victory in their personal lives.

Many professing Christians in the sports world have achieved wealth and notoriety, but life's luxuries do not exempt them from life's difficulties. Name recognition and personal fortune cannot rescue one whose marriage is on the rocks, one facing substance abuse, or one facing disease or even death. The sports heroes featured in All the Good in Sports are not superhuman. They go through the same pendulum of emotions you and I do when life deals us a punch in the stomach. However, what they discover -- or rediscover -- is a God who is faithful and responsive in their time of need.


Training Table

Training Table [$12.95]

10 For 10 Sports Devotionals For the Seasons Within the Season

The Core Media Group, Inc., and Sports Spectrum magazine present Training Table: 10 for 10 - Sports Devotionals for the Seasons Within the Season, is a devotional book for athletes, coaches and sports fans. This is a unique tool to further the development and spiritual growth of individuals. Sports analogies can teach valuable truths about life as revealed through the truth of the Bible. Training Table: 10 for 10 provides 10 devotionals for 10 topics that provide a truth or biblical principle to apply to your daily life and sporting life.

DVDs / Miscellaneous

Be On the Cover of SS

Be on the Cover of Sports Spectrum

Good for birthdays, Christmas gifts, championships or any occasion. All ages are encouraged to be on the cover!

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Sky Walker DVD

Skywalker - DVD [$30.00]

This tells the story of David Thompson who revolutionized "above the rim" basketball. Inventor of the "Alley Oop," and owner of a 73-point game, his career proved that a player's success can far exceed his height.

David Thompson Lithograph

David Thompson Lithograph [$24.95]

28"x36" lithograph poster of David Thompson dunking in the 1974 NCAA Championship game. Vintage 1974, this lithograph is a one of a kind collector's item.

From devotional books, Power to Win kits, to other fine offerings from the Store, we have all the good stuff in sports!

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